About us

Vietnam’s First Home Grown Professional Hotel and Resort Management Company

The global tourism industry is experiencing a number of rapid changes. Along with development of the world economy and improved living conditions, the demand for traveling and exploring other local cultures is on the rise too. The widespread development of new hotels, resorts and airlines around the world is evidence of this new trend. 

In anticipation of the new development, Emeralda Management Group (EMG) was founded in 2011 as Vietnam's first home-grown professional hotel and resort management company, striving towards delivering attractive financial returns with the latest in hospitality concepts.

We are a private company bound by ethical values where all the co-founders are from the hospitality industry. Collective experience of the highly talented team is over 50 years in various facets of the trade. At Emeralda Management Group; experience, passion, in-depth understanding of  the current market and competition is what we are all about. 

Emeralda Management Group believes in providing exceptional experiences to our customers while being socially and environmentally responsible. 

The ultimate goal of an Emeralda Management Group's property is to achieve profound satisfaction and concrete gratification for all its dwellers.  


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